The easy way to have a web site. And pay 0$.

We help YOU to 

Create your web Right Now

Why not? You have an idea. And you want to test if it works. Or maybe it’s time to bring your business to the web. You allready are fed up with the abuses of your current hosting company. Come to Bacan!


Install more than 300 applications (wordpress, prestashop, etc) with a single click.


100% WordPress

90% of our users use WordPress. And rest assured that everything at Bacan is geared towards the best possible WordPress experience.


Safety is our priority

If you have ever been hacked …. then you know what insecure hosting is. At Bacan we use imunify360. Maximum security for your website.

CPanel o DirectAdmin

You choose, and enjoy the best control panel. Which control panel suits you?

Fast.... very fast!

Your website has to be fast. And we have put everything you need to make it so. nvme disks. Litespeed web servers.  Redundant DnS, Cloud linux and much more.

Friendly development

All the technology you need to create the web you want. PHP, SFTP, SSL, MYSQL


We give you +

No other company offers you the level of service that we offer at Bacan.



Is it really free?

Yes, we install your service for free. Without asking you for any payment information. You will not have to give us your credit card at any time.

Do I have to give you my credit card?

No. No necesitamos tu tarjeta de crédito para que pruebes nuestro servicio de forma gratuita.

How long will I have the service for free?

As long as you use it, the service will be available. It has no expiration date. Accounts that are not in use are deleted.

Can I have several free hosting plans?

No, only one is available per customer.

How long does it take to set up my free hosting account?

Accounts are installed as soon as possible. But all new applications are verified by one of our technicians. Usually all accounts are installed in less than 2 hours.

Where can I get a free domain name?

At Bacan we give you the domain for free with all our professional plans. But if you need a free domain, you have more information here: Free Domain


Do I need a domain name to get started?

Yes, this is the minimum you need. If you don’t have it, you can buy it in the same process. Keep in mind that if you decide to buy the domain at Bacan, you will eventually pay a few dollars to register the domain. We are not breaking our word for this. Your hosting is still free, but in the process you are registering a domain which has a cost.

Can I install wordpress on Bacan?

Sin duda, miles de clientes usan wordpress, y de hecho la instalación de un wordpress en Bacan no puede ser mas fácil. Además, nuestro hosting esta especialmente pensado para que tu wordpress funcione rápido y segurowordpress funcione rápido y seguro

My application was rejected, why?

There are many reasons why we may reject an application. Some of them are :

  • False information provided
  • Requesting to install a domain that does not exist. We will give you the option to register it
  • Using domains whose extensions are not reliable.
  • Requesting multiple times hosting for the same domain.
  • Requesting hosting for domains that do not belong to you.
  • You already have a hosting account with
Can I get a free domain name?

Yes, the domain is Free in all our professional hosting plans.  If you want to enjoy our offers with free domain, visit our premium hosting section.

How does free hosting differ from paid hoting?

The immediate difference is the price. That’s obvious. And along with the difference in price, you will also find more restrictive limits on free hosting services.
The free hosting service allows you to get started easily, and learn a lot. When you hit one of the limits, it might be time to think about upgrading to a professional plan (much more powerful and with less restrictions).
Professional (paid) hosting services have unlimited space, unlimited transfers, and more computing resources at your disposal.

All plans include

Domain management

You will be able to manage all your domains easily. Both registrations, transfers and any updates


Advanced Security System

Your websites are going to receive thousands of attacks, no doubt about it. That’s why our security system blocks them before they can damage your website or its performance.

Guaranteed Resources

Our servers have an advanced resource management system, which guarantees a perfect performance, regardless of the use made by other customers. Your website will always have enough to work perfectly.

Free SSL Certificate Included

All domains within your hosting plan will have their free ssl security certificate.


We help you with your migration – Free

Bring your website to Bacan and we will help you to move it completely from another provider, totally free.

WordPress and 300 apps +

You can install wordpress with a mouse click, easy, simple, fast. But not only wordpress but more than 300 applications that will make your life on the internet much easier.

Why Bacan YOU need us.


Support you can understand

Yes, getting help is super easy. Call or email us at and you have a team of experts ready to help you.

We are your partner

Your success is our success. We give you everything you need to succeed on the web. And we know that if you succeed, so do we.

Absolute Privacy

Rest assured that your data is safe at Bacan. We do not sell your data to any company. Guaranteed!

Transfer your website for free

No hidden costs

There are no hidden costs. We treat our customers with total loyalty

What does your free hosting include?

everything no other company will give you

300 MB disk space

Install wordpress with a click

Cronjob available

Available subdomains

Unmetered Bandwidth!

Easy to use Free Website Builder

No spam in your email

Full PHP & MySQL database support

Install up to 3 domains on your hosting

unlimited email accounts

Free SSL Security Certificate

Need more than just free hosting?

We give everything for our customers. Many of you know us for our Free Hosting service, but it is very possible that there will come a time when you need more. What do you need? We have it for you.

CPanel Hosting

The most popular control panel. Perfectly tuned to have a fast website. Only in professional hosting plans

DirectAdmin Hosting

The fastest and most economical control panel. Available in free and professional services

Reseller Hosting

Make money selling Hosting. Without any technical complications. You sell, we take care of all the technical aspects.

Mail Only Hosting

If you only need to have your own email address, and you don’t need a web site

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers. Maximum control, maximum performance.

Dedicated Servers

Thinking in big projects. Consult with our technicians and tell us about your needs.

Professional Hosting

Up to 20 times faster hosting

When your website always works perfectly, and at full speed is when you fall in love with your hosting company. Try us for free and you will feel love at first sight.

Which control panel should I use?

At Bacan we offer you 2 control panels for your hosting service. Check out the differences in the study we offer you on cPanel VS DirectAdmin